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Success. It's not what you make, it's what you keep! The success of a business is measured in profits--not gross receipts! Our software is the only system you will find that puts all of the management tools at your disposal to lower your overhead, as well as increase your revenue. From your patients to your staff to your equipment, we have included everything you need to easily manage your business and to keep as much of your income as possible.

Teleo Practice Services specializes in computer management of your health care practice. We provide software and computer support which will enable you to perform or supervise all aspects of your business. The focus of our service is The Complete Practitioner, a comprehensive software program, which will enable you to smoothly operate a typical solo or multi-practitioner enterprise. From the ability to pay commissions based on rendered treatment to budgeting for, and reminding you to pay your estimated taxes--every detail is included.

  • If you want help treating your patients and managing your dental practice then...
  • If you know that your patients are customers and your practice is a business then...
  • If you understand that owning a dental practice means managing more than just patients then...

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